Reflections and Improvements #2017

Why do we make Resolutions?

Another year has come and gone and yet every other caption is about New Years Resolutions, but why can’t we make these resolutions throughout the year. I am guilty as most, when it comes to making resolutions. Most of them I keep up with for about 2 weeks , others I do good for about a month. However, I make the most unrealistic goals. Such as losing 30 lbs . We all know that if you don’t put your mind to it, it will not happen. Why does it take the year changing for us to realize what we are annoyed with or what we want to change about ourselves?  So as this year kicks off I have decided to make small realistic goals and then by the end of 2017 I will evaluated my improvements.

1. Cut out fast food- Exception 1 time a week. 

I work a 8-6 job and it is so easy to run to a fast food restaurant at lunch. The other day I calculated my spending on food places for the week, it blew my mind. I had spent $167 on food and Starbucks. That is ridiculous. So this year I will meal prep more for lunches and eat breakfast at home. Not to mention all those terrible calories have went straight to my gut. Which leads me into my next goal.

2. Save Money- Exception I am allowed to buy 1 outfit a paycheck.

I am such a spender. If I have $20 in my pocket I will spend it on something that I do not need. So I want to officially start saving. Spending and saving is something I have always struggled with  . I wish I was one of those finance people who has everything budgeted , that is another idea…start an official budget.

3. Keep  A Clean House

I use to keep a clean house. Everything was organized and I would make the bed everyday. This past year I have become the biggest slob. My job is draining the life out of me. I get up at 6 am and get home about 6:30.  So 1 time a week I will have a cleaning day. I’m declaring Thursdays as Spiffing Up. Plus WE JUST BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE AND MOVE IN FEBURARY.

4. Declutter my Life and Keep it Planned

I bought a new 2017 planner. I am all the time saying I have too much to do, I need to pay this, this event is coming up. I have never been one to keep an organized planner. So this year I will write down my bills, my events, work deadlines, and school. There should be no reason anything is late or forgotten.

5. Eat Clean

Yes, I would love to say I am one of those perfect bodied females who don’t need to lose a pound. That is not the case. I have gained a good solid 20 pounds in about 3 years. I need to shape back up. I need to start worrying about what I put in my body, I am only getting older. Losing weight is harder as you age, so before I have kids I need to say I am in good shape. I also want to do it for selfish reasons, I hope to be getting proposed to soon so I don’t want to look like  beached whale in pictures. Vain I know. More or less I want to eat clean because of health. I am so sleepy all the time, I never have any energy , and I just want to feel the good endorphins again. I once was a great eater, I worked out hard core, and I watched the nutrients I fed my body. So now , I need to revert back to that and stop being a sloth.

All these seem possible, and realistic. The easy part is saying them. The hard part is actually accomplishing them. So this time next year I hope to read over this blog and say I accomplished most all of these tiny goals. It can’t be that hard , I just have to stay motivated.

-This is the year I will be stronger , braver, kinder, and unstoppable. This year I will be Fierce


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