Day 1 of Failure #goals

Great Start to An Unsuccessful Journey

Have you ever just wanted to do something so right in life that you shock everyone? When you see people after a year their mouths open? For the first time in a long time , I want to work on me and have the “Whoa” effect on people when they see me.  A girl can dream right?

I won’t make this a terribly long post, but I will make it a whining, complaining, weight gain just sucks kinda blog.

Eating healthy can be so hard. Especially when you are always on the road, work long days, and are exhausted when you get home that you just want to stuff your face and hit the sack(  I literally just pigged out) . I started so good today. Last night I cooked some steak, measured it out with my scale, logged it in myfitnesspal, hell I even made some green veggies to go along with it. I woke up feeling 10 pounds heavier after the vacation weekend. So today was a great day to start. I did fantastic, until I needed that sweet tea from McDonalds, that white mocha latte from Starbucks, and those 20 cheese and crackers for dinner. Not to mention, my butt is not going to the gym tonight. I just want to netflix and chill. Why ? Why is it so hard to get motivated to get back to being a healthy human instead of a junk food eating mess?  This spare tire around my waist is not getting any smaller, I need to get my SH** together, plan my work outs, and eat like a champ.

Tomorrow I will attempted again.. If at first you don’t succeed , try again my friend–


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