A lot of people I know suffer from depression. I never really understood how depression worked or why anyone would need a pill per say to make them happy. Usually depression stems from a life event, self worth, or even the people in your life. As I have had one of the hardest weeks of my life I now see the meaning behind depression.

I am a very upbeat individual. I enjoy life! However , I am 29 years old an buried my mom this week. I have never felt the emptiness inside as some do that have depression. There have been a few times this week that I literally have said “I am going to the doctor to get on medication.” After saying that and feeling low, mad, angry, sad, and every other negative emotion the human body has I realized, I can face this on my own. I have so many people to support me, love me, and help me through this dark time.

With that said, I now have a little bit of knowledge about individuals who have a mental illness. Maybe they don’t have the support system I have. Maybe they can’t overcome the empty feeling. I know our minds tend to take over , send us in a different place with millions of thoughts, or at least mine has this past week. The ending of this short blog is that everyone needs a friend. You never know what someone is going through until you live in their shoes. One smile, one hug, and one piece and advice can go a long way in someones day.


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