Obesity, A New Perspective

While going to the doctor for your annual physical and waiting in the exam room you see a BMI chart. As you look at your height and drag your eyes to your weight , the words OBESE are in bold.

Weight is a creeper, it takes so much time to lose it and very little to gain. We have our daily routines and busy life styles to which we forget about taking care of ourselves. It is so easy to stop by a fast food restaurant and order a #1 with a large sweet tea feeling no guilt at all.

I am far from obese, I am 5’7 and weight 163. However, my chart does say I am overweight. Sometimes things are exaggerated just a tiny bit , but now more than ever I am so conscious of my weight and health. Let me tell you why.

As in my previous post, my mom past away 2 weeks ago. She was 5’4 and weighed 300 pounds. Now she had recently lost weight , I would say about 255 but when she passed away in the hospital she was swollen and had a lot of fluid so that added extra weight. However with her height that was still very obese. People carry weight in different ways. Some can look like they are 500 pounds and the scale only read at 250. To me that was my moms case.

Growing up my brother and I always encouraged her to walk around the block or get a little bit of exercise. Taking care of two children in your late 40s and 50s puts a wear on your body. She would always have an excuse. So she never put forth the effort to lose some weight until it was too late.

Obesity is a high statistic in the United States. After my mom went into the hospital which was non related to her weight. She had to have an operation. After the operation I remember the doctor specifically saying these words, “Her weight is what is killing her” and that she might never be able to get out of bed again. Her obesity led to diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver that was the non alcohol diagnosis. Her heart surprisingly was very strong and healthy. When you are overweight your heart has to work twice as hard .  After her surgery due to her size she was going to have a long and painful rehab. She would have to have help cleaning, walking, turning in the bed. Watching this was agony. Not only that but also getting yeast infections under the fat folds. Watching all of this as an outsider was hard, but can you imagine how your pride has to be let go when you are in that state? Knowing you need help to walk, wipe your behind, shower, turning in the bed. You must feel helpless.

In her last few weeks with us I will always wonder if she wished she could have been healthier. If she wished she would have tried to get a little bit of cardio in . She just recently got to the point where it was hard to walk. Her legs were giving out on her, she could not carry the weight. There were a few times when she had fallen and an ambulance had to come and get her off the floor because she could not lift herself.

I only share this tad bit of personal information from my recent heart break to help others. I know that it is easy to say we are going to be a healthier version of ourselves, or we will lose 10 pounds. Obesity is a very dangerous disease which can lead to other deadly diseases. We need to take care of our bodies now , so we don’t end up like my mother did. Helpless, embarrassed, and miserable in her own body. Now she would never admit that to us, she was always happy and loving. After seeing the pain in the hospital I know she was deep down regretful of not taking care of herself. I want to help as many people as I possibly can see the ugly being being overweight.It is not just about the now, it’s about the future too.


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