Kayaking in Crystal Blue Water

Short, sweet , and to the point! This summer I have been doing a lot of short trips. We bought a kayak so we could spend more time outside. It’s rather enjoyable. This past weekend we went to a place in Florida along the Swanee River called Ginnie Springs. THIS PLACE WAS EPIC! I have […]

Healthy Dinner

Well I am on my health kick again. After my mom passing I have gained 10 pounds of stress weight and it’s time to knock it off. I have a work out plan and now it’s time to do what counts the most. Cook! I found this delicious recipe on pinterest and I must say, […]


A lot of people I know suffer from depression. I never really understood how depression worked or why anyone would need a pill per say to make them happy. Usually depression stems from a life event, self worth, or even the people in your life. As I have had one of the hardest weeks of […]

Breaking My Heart

As children you never think about having to grow up and have adult responsibilities. Life is always grand, the biggest worry you have as a child is what to pack for your lunch or who to play with on the play ground. What you don’t realize when you are wishing you could be older is […]

Adult Braces


When I was about 13 I went to my mom and asked if we could go to the orthodontist to see about getting braces. She looked at me like I was a foolish child and said no.  I was a persistent little thing, I kept on and on until finally she took me for a consult.

At the appointment the doctor pointed out the obvious, I had crooked teeth (good thing this appointment was free, I could have done that). He stated that most of my overcrowding should go away as I age. After I got my  wisdom teeth was the prediction he made as to when I would have more room and they would straighten.  That was the only thing my mom needed to hear to say a big fat NO to braces. So I was stuck being the girl with jacked up teeth.

Fast forward to my senior year in high school. My mouth started aching and little did I know I was getting all four of my wisdom teeth at the same time. I had oral surgery on Christmas break of my senior year to remove those bad boys. Let there be room in my mouth to straighten up my teeth… waiting…waiting…still waiting… um yeah… it didn’t happen.

As I mentioned in my previous post I am 29. My smile has never been horrible, I make decent pictures. However it has always been something I wanted corrected. I hate feeling like when I bust out into random laughs people are looking at my teeth. So I decided to go to an invisalign consult. At this appointment they said I was a perfect candidate for it.

After careful consideration I decided to go along with it. I wanted to start the straight teeth journey and hopefully it wouldn’t take too long. It was not a cheap investment. It cost a total of $5000.00.  I can only hope it is totally worth it.

The Consultation and Trays

At the consultation they stuck this mold in my mouth with a bunch of nasty gunk. It was pink and blue putty. She stuck in in and shoved it to the top and bottom of my mouth so the mold would stick. Now when I tell you this was horrible , I am not lying. I chocked so many times. I thought I was going to swallow a ball of the mold. Slobber was everywhere, my eyes were watering, and all I could do was count down to when she would remove this big ole thing in my mouth. Whew, it’s over! Not.. now time for the bottom molding. Literally the same process, chocking, gagging, swallowing nasty stuff (sounds like I am being x rated lol). Finally after about 20 mins of stuff stuck in my mouth it was finished. They took plenty of pictures up close and personal and I was free to go.

Now after the consultation it takes about 10 weeks to get the invisalign trays back. The dentist sends all the molding and pictures to the company and then they do their magic and create the trays. Finally it was time for me to go pick up my aligners. I couldn’t be more excited!

I walk in and sit down, ready to get this show on the road. First things first they did what they call IPR. Which is when they file your teeth to make room for shifting. I was completely unaware that this was going to take place. I did not like this one bit. It hurt , my teeth were so sensitive. Not to mention now I had gaps. I went from having overcrowding to small gaps between my bottom teeth. Weird. After I had my IPR, Which not everyone has to have, they then showed me a video of the process for each tray. Now this is very interesting and exciting. I then stopped feeling guilty for the amount of money I spent and just knew I made a good choice.

 She looks at my mouth and hands me my first set. I have a total of 28. That was more than what I was hoping for being that I have to change them every 2 weeks that is a whole year on them. She showed me how to put them in and made it look so easy. The hygienist then hands them to me and tells me to go for it. Yeah… 20 minutes later I was still trying. Finally I got the stinking things in my mouth and boy oh boy were those suckers tight on my teeth. They weren’t painful though. Just tight. She asked me if I wanted to take them out and put them back in at night, as most people do so they don’t have any pain during the day and they will sleep through the annoyance. I said nope, I want to go ahead and start as soon as possible. That was a mistake.

Three hours after my mouth was killing me. My head was hurting, my teeth felt like they were going to fall out, and I had the worst speech problem. The lisp that those things give you the first week is terrible. I work in the public so I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even say my name. I went home, got some orajel , took a pain pill, and passed out.

The next morning I woke up , went to take the trays out and holy smokes my teeth felt like they were all loose and going to fall out with the slightest touch. Two days of this went on and I really thought I had wasted $5000.00. I didn’t know how I was going to do this for a full year.

I am now in my 7th tray, 14 weeks down and a lot more to go. It gets better with time. Honestly the first tray is the only one that gave me so much trouble. My lisp is gone , your tongue gets use to it and works in mysterious ways. I can tell my teeth are starting to straighten up. So exciting. I strongly recommend invisalign to adults, I would not put it on a child. It is so easy to not wear them, forget them at dinner, and lose them. You are suppose to wear them 22 hours a day, so basically the only time you are to take them out is for eating. You also have to brush your teeth every time you take them in and out. This is a pain, but at least you have a clean mouth. I do not see a teenager do all that comes with the process. Responsibility is the key.

I will continue to take you along my journey. I wanted to just give a quick detailed description of the process I had to endure. Overall , I am happy with it! img_20160920_122750

When I left the dentist with my first set of trays in.. I have buttons on pretty much all of my teeth. Buttons are the attachments that click into place on the trays. They are tooth colored for the most part.